I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t a big fan of cross country at school. It usually involved jogging around the school field and adjoining terrain judged to be suitably ‘country’ in mandated clothing that wasn’t really suitable for the conditions, dodging as many as possible of the dubious items that might be found underfoot at any given time. It just didn’t have the same allure as track running or any other PE activities for that matter.

Maybe the problem was that we didn’t have enough snow. If we did, we could have done cross country skiing. Since Christmas is now looming, it makes sense to turn our attention to winter Olympic sports. And surely there is none more festive than cross country skiing, which involves making your way through snow-covered pine forests in beautiful wintry scenery. Take your camera out part-way round the course and you could probably get a decent shot for your Christmas card. read more »