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Rhinos complete 100m sprint

Eight rhinos celebrated there being one year until London 2012 by having a 100m race.

The heavyweight clash took place at Mile End Park Stadium in London to raise awareness of the work done by the Save The Rhino charity, which conserves populations of critically endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia.

Alas, there were no real rhinos competing – just eight people in pretty impressive rhino costume.

Jesse Rhin-Owens pipped Rhin’Usain Bolt and Seb Rhin-Coe to the post in 14.59 seconds.

Not a bad time.

USA hurdler Lolo Jones issues comedy Twitter apology to her coach

Women’s 100m hurdler Lolo Jones managed to keep her spirits up after being beaten into third place at the opening Diamond League meeting of the season in Doha last Friday.

The USA athlete came over a bit Karate Kid-ish as she tweeted an apology to her coach for failing to heed his advice. read more »

2012 Olympic medal hopeful Tom Daley gets ‘pooed on’ by a bird

Diver Tom Daley is one of Great Britain’s biggest gold medal hopes for the London 2012 Games. But while the 16-year-old is accustomed to dropping from a great height, he’s not so used to being dropped on from a great height.

In fact, when a passing bird did its business on him he updated his 65,000 Twitter followers on the news.

Daley is currently in Mexico for a diving competition.