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Olympics Betting Strategies You Should Know About

The popularity of online sports betting segments is constantly rising. This is the case with the Olympic Games as well. Each season the viewership is growing as the betting possibilities are increasing. Making online betting a sport of itself. Seeing how all of this is turning out, each season, people are placing their bets and are watching the Olympic games with great attention. However, this kind of popularity and excitement around this particular sporting event has not always been the same, but the technological development and the increased interest in this particular activity have made everything possible.

Furthermore, this means that placing bets on the Olympic games requires specific strategies that hold the possibility of turning the winning odds to your favour. Knowing all of this, in today’s focus we are putting the most useful strategies that will help you increase the winning odds.  read more »

Rhinos complete 100m sprint

Eight rhinos celebrated there being one year until London 2012 by having a 100m race.

The heavyweight clash took place at Mile End Park Stadium in London to raise awareness of the work done by the Save The Rhino charity, which conserves populations of critically endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia.

Alas, there were no real rhinos competing – just eight people in pretty impressive rhino costume.

Jesse Rhin-Owens pipped Rhin’Usain Bolt and Seb Rhin-Coe to the post in 14.59 seconds.

Not a bad time.

Totally Random: Seb Coe’s big-headed caption

According to the caption of this photo from the official London 2012 site, “Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Seb Coe”. We reckon Arnie’s people might have had a slightly different take on the occasion and that, in fact, Seb Coe was meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger.

No word yet on who got whose autograph.

Totally Random: Usain Bolt sings Bob Marley with Paolo Nutini

Totally Random is our new feature, where we bring you something that is neither newsworthy, nor topical. It needn’t even by new, but it must be entertaining.

Like this video, for instance. When we launched this blog, we didn’t anticipate too many posts about Scottish-Italian troubadour Paolo Nutini. But that was before we found this footage of him singing with the fastest man of all time.

It might seem like an unlikely partnership but spurred on by a mutual love of reggae and the money of sports brand Puma, the pair enjoyed an unlikely duet of Bob Marley’s classic One Love during the Beijing Olympics in 2008.