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Michael Phelps used to be scared to put his head in the water

Olympic swimming great Michael Phelps has revealed he was initially scared to put his head underwater.

The American said: “I started swimming at seven. The first couple of years I was afraid of putting my face in the water. I just wasn’t comfortable.

“Eventually I just put it in and off I went.” read more »

Team GB gold medal hopeful Tom Daley became the first person to plunge into the water at the newly finished London 2012 Aquatics Centre this evening.

As part of the one year to go events, Daley chucked himself off the 10metre diving board to officially open the acquatics venue.

You can see that very dive in the video above, with a very vintage reworking!

Brrrr – this stadium is freezing! Let’s jump in the pool.

The London 2012 aquatics centre has fallen behind schedule because of problems with heating.

To comply with swimming governing body Fina’s rules, the water temperature in the pool must be kept at 25-28C. The room temperature in the venue should be a couple of degrees higher.

And that’s where problems are currently happening.

The 17,500-capacity centre is an architectural masterpiece, but seemingly not very snug. Around 900 workers are now on site looking at solutions such as installing under-seat heating and pumping hot air around spectators’ legs.

The venue is now expected to be completed by the end of July, two months behind schedule.

[Via Telegraph]

Ian Thorpe’s management deny plastic surgery claims

Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe’s entourage have been forced to speak out to deny suggestions that he has been undergoing plastic surgery.

Commentators noted that the Thorpedo was looking particularly aerodynamic as he attended the Royal Wedding. The five-times Olympic champion has slimmed down ahead of a return to action in time for London 2012, but he did arouse suspicions with his “slim look and different jaw profile”.

Manager Dave Flaskas told the Telegraph: “No, he doesn’t have time for anything like that.”

The amount of time Thorpe spends in Switzerland also fuelled rumours that he has been attending a cosmetic clinic.