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Cricket considers applying to join the Olympics

Cricket could be played at future Olympics if the MCC World Cricket Committee gets its way.

The committee this week recommended that the sport should apply to be considered for future Games. Given how far in advance the participating sports are planned, the earliest the sport could possibly appear at the Olympics would be 2024.

Cricket’s authorities would need to submit their application by 2017 in order to be included in the 2024 Games. read more »

McOlympics 2110

Last week it was widely reported that McDonald’s are set to become more tightly entwined in London 2012 than a pair of tactile Greco-Roman wrestlers playing drunken twister. Most notably – in a scene ominously reminiscent of the Independence Day blockbuster – the McDonald’s brand will be perched over the Olympic Park with a monolithic mothership – the largest McDonald’s ever built – and flanked by three more greasy assailants.

Next summer hundreds of thousands of digestive systems will be harassed to belching point by at least half a million fast-food meals on the East London campus. At what price? Well, literally nothing for some. read more »

Olympics VIPs set for London fast lanes

London 2012 VIPs will be able to zip around the city in special “Zil” road lanes while ticket holders crawl to venues using public transport.

Athletes, media representatives, officials and other VIPs using official vehicles will be able to travel from Olympic Park into central London in just 30 minutes. Ticket holders and commuters have been told to expect the same journey to take two-and-a-half hours by public transport during the Games. read more »

The race for Olympic accommodation

Photo: Ben Sutherland

With the London 2012 Olympic Games less than a year away, the fight for accommodation in the capital has well and truly begun.

Those lucky enough to get tickets and even those hoping to be in the capital to soak up some of the atmosphere are finding prices are beginning to creep up significantly. read more »