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McOlympics 2110

Last week it was widely reported that McDonald’s are set to become more tightly entwined in London 2012 than a pair of tactile Greco-Roman wrestlers playing drunken twister. Most notably – in a scene ominously reminiscent of the Independence Day blockbuster – the McDonald’s brand will be perched over the Olympic Park with a monolithic mothership – the largest McDonald’s ever built – and flanked by three more greasy assailants.

Next summer hundreds of thousands of digestive systems will be harassed to belching point by at least half a million fast-food meals on the East London campus. At what price? Well, literally nothing for some. read more »

Today is the last day to submit suggestions to name one of the five neighbourhoods being built in the Olympic Park after the London 2012 Games.

Part of the legacy plan for the Games sees five new residential areas being built on the Olympic site over the next 20 years. The Olympic Park legacy company has tried to engage the public in the plans by inviting members of the public to make their mark of future maps of London by naming the areas.

To help you with the creative process/prove your competitors aren’t all that, some of the suggested names have already been made public.

We know that Plastic Fantastic, Redgravia, Speedy Danes, The Sweets and The Rings are among the entries so far.

Since we can’t imagine many Cockneys going to an estate agent and asking to “move up The Rings” or telling their mates about their “new gaff in Speedy Danes”, we reckon you are probably in with a decent chance!

Find out more and enter the competition.