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Ireland’s Ciaran O’Lionaird makes 1500m final despite horrendous hair

Irish 1500m runner Ciaran O’Lionaird made it to the final at the World Championships in Daegu. More impressively, he did so sporting a rather fetching mullet.

The likes of O’Lionaird’s straggly locks have not been seen on the world athletics stage in two decades. Hardly aerodynamic, but it seems to be working for him at the moment!

Three new episodes of Absolutely Fabulous for London 2012

The London Olympics are rapidly nearing and excitement is growing. It is not only the athletes who are in training for the events, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are undertaking their own preparation. However, theirs is slightly less athletic and slightly more geared towards a comedy audience. read more »

Rhinos complete 100m sprint

Eight rhinos celebrated there being one year until London 2012 by having a 100m race.

The heavyweight clash took place at Mile End Park Stadium in London to raise awareness of the work done by the Save The Rhino charity, which conserves populations of critically endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia.

Alas, there were no real rhinos competing – just eight people in pretty impressive rhino costume.

Jesse Rhin-Owens pipped Rhin’Usain Bolt and Seb Rhin-Coe to the post in 14.59 seconds.

Not a bad time.

Armstrong and Miller unveil the London Sportsfest 2010 logo

This classic sketch from comedy duo Armstrong and Miller pokes (if that’s the right word) fun at some of the unintended interpretations of the London 2012 logo, although their lawyers would probably argue that any similarity is purely coincidental.

Check out some more dodgy logos.