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West Ham favourites for Olympic Stadium move

West Ham United could benefit massively from use of the Olympic Stadium but their tenancy and success depends on a number of things.

Firstly, the club have to ensure that they are in the Premier League when the move ultimately takes place (they’re in the Premier League tips for surviving the drop this season but won’t be taking over the Olympic Stadium for a while). They would not be able to warrant a 60,000 capacity stadium for football if they are a Championship side. read more »

Olympic Football 2012 Review

This summer’s Olympic football tournament ended in a familiarly disappointing way for English/British supporters as Stuart Pearce’s Team GB side went crashing out in the quarter-finals after losing a penalty shoot-out to South Korea.

The squad that Pearce had at his disposal was certainly not the cream of British footballing talent; proving that Olympic football is not taken seriously by top flight professionals, as the priority for most European International players was the Euro 2012 tournament in Poland and Ukraine. read more »

The only thing more certain than a Ben Ainslie gold medal at London 2012 was the safe bet for free rein being given to the media to criticise of our ‘overpaid footballers’ in the wake of some impressive and exemplary British performances. As the post Olympic fallout leads to much finger-pointing towards some of the UK’s wealthier sportsmen, football fan Brendan King offers his input on the accusations being levelled at Premier League stars.

Like many football supporters, I found myself not hugely enamoured with the prospect of the Olympics, but willing to give it a go due to the fact that it was two solid weeks of sport. Like many people, I also found myself caught up in the emotion of the whole event, sharing the feelings of pride and self-congratulations with, seemingly, a whole nation. And like many people I am now an Olympics convert, having found many new sports in which I can become an armchair expert every four years.

Unlike many people however, the euphoria of this has been replaced with a distinctly nasty taste, as the public, the media and football chiefs and officials are using the Olympics in order to compare football in a negative light. I have read countless articles in various publications, and seen quotes from the likes of England manager Roy Hodgson and Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore taking swipes at the footballers, clubs and fans that dominate the sports world in this country. read more »

With the end of the current campaign only a handful of games away, all eyes are turning to the summer’s international tournaments to fill the off-season void. Euro 2012 comes first in June, before the exciting prospect of Team GB competing for gold at the Olympics. With some of the traditionally bigger nations not present at the competition in London, the home representation will be one of the favourites with Betfair football betting to claim gold medals, but who will be playing and can they go all the way? read more »