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Athletes in the casino

There is something about professional sports and athletics that most people in the public just cannot understand. Most of us will never know what it’s like to develop that strong competitive edge needed to succeed in the world of professional sports, the adrenaline rush of taking what could be a winning shot and hearing thousands of fans call out your name.

We get excited just watching – imagine what the athletes themselves are feeling, and imagine how much they crave that feeling once it’s gone: hence the slightly unfortunate tendency for professional athletes to turn to the casinos and often to gamble away the fortunes made by those glorious moments. read more »

Belgian TV reporter’s Special Olympics FAIL

This hapless TV reporter in Belgium shows an excruciatingly painful knack for not being able to tell whether people have a mental disability or not. So he likes to find out the hard way.

We might just have found the perfect roving reporter for Ortis Deley’s next project!

Video: Dmitry Starodubtsev’s pole vault snaps at World Championships

Russian pole vaulter Dmitry Starodubtsev had a lucky escape when his pole snapped in mid-air at the World Championships in Daegu.

He was attempting a 5.75-metre vault when his equipment let him down. If you’ve always thought that the pole vault defied physics, this was the week physics fought back.

Starodubtsev escaped with a hand injury. If his momentum had not carried him safely to the mat the injuries he would have suffered do not bear thinking about.

Video: Gabon’s Christian Ngningba finishes 5mins after his 5,000m heat winner

At a major athletics championship, a trier will always get nearly as much attention as the winner. And Gabon’s Christian Ngningba definitely falls into the category of triers.

He eventually came home five minutes after the winner of his heat in the men’s 5,000m. He doesn’t seem to be struggling too badly though, so he obviously just paced himself.