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Britain’s greatest Olympians

With the Olympics in London fast approaching, excitement in the capital city is building in anticipation of what is sure to be an amazing event.

Expectations are high for British athletes with the UK public expecting big things from the ‘home’ participants. With this in mind, it’s worth looking back at Great Britain’s most successful Olympians. All five of these athletes have written their names in Olympic history books; just as many British athletes will be looking to do next year. read more »

The Olympic torch relay through Paris ahead of Beijing 2008 was controversial to say the least. Twitchy tracksuit-wearing Chinese security operatives kept scrapping stages of the relay at short notice because of concerns that Tibetan protesters would interfere with proceedings.

The most embarrassing example of this was as double Olympic gold medalist David Douillet attempted to handover to judo world champion Teddy Riner.

Firstly, Douillet is stopped from running with the flame. Then as he attempts to pass the flame to Riner, a security official extinguishes the flame.

The Chinese contingent then just run away, Trigger Happy TV-style, leaving a bemused Douillet and Riner standing on the podium!

Of all the featherweight boxers competing at the Atlanta Games in 1996, there is no doubt who has made the most lasting impact on the boxing landscape over the course of their career. But at the Olympics, Floyd Mayweather Jr had to settle for just a bronze medal.

Having said that, many observers of his semi-final bout with Bulgarian Serafim Todorov. And that included the referee, who wrongly awarded the bout to Mayweather. He sheepishly reversed his decision seconds later, this time finding in favour of the judges and the PA announcer!

More Classic Olympics FAILs

Eric the Eel always takes all the accolades as being one of the iconic Olympics losers of all-time. Indeed, we have previously featured him in this very category.

But today we are focusing on the two other athletes in Eric Moussambani’s heat. Although he struggled to the finish with a time that wasn’t like to trouble many of the competitors, Eric actually won his heat.

So, today’s FAIL focuses on Niger’s Kiram Bare and Farkhod Oripov, of Tajikistan. They were Eric the Eel’s supposed opponents in the race, but they were both disqualified for the most blatant false start in Olympic history.

Being beaten in an Olympics race by Eric the Eel is a dubious claim to fame.