West Ham United could benefit massively from use of the Olympic Stadium but their tenancy and success depends on a number of things.

Firstly, the club have to ensure that they are in the Premier League when the move ultimately takes place (they’re in the Premier League tips for surviving the drop this season but won’t be taking over the Olympic Stadium for a while). They would not be able to warrant a 60,000 capacity stadium for football if they are a Championship side.

The reason this is important is because of the stadium sponsorship and longevity. Sponsorship would naturally be higher profile if West Ham are in the Premier League playing against the best sides in England and Europe.

In the long run it will guarantee the club much higher revenue than they currently enjoy. This would allow them to reinvest in a number of different areas which will help the club to move forward.

The club would be able to spend more on players in terms of transfers which would give West Ham a better chance of challenging for Champions League and at least Europa League places each season.

This would increase the profile of the club around Europe, increase the publicity of the stadium and would further benefit the club in terms of sponsorship and TV broadcasting revenue.

The club would also be able to spend a larger percentage of money on infrastructure which would improve current facilities such as the West Ham United academy which produces younger players.

West Ham would also have a much greater chance of retaining their best younger players because a move to the Olympic Stadium would also allow them to improve their wage structure and give their better young players better deals to ensure they stay.

It’s important to point out that this is far from a done deal and there are many different points West Ham will need to tackle before they are allowed to play football in the stadium.

They are simply the preferred bidders at this stage because they potentially have a much larger support base than the other clubs bidding to use the stadium, which means they would generate higher revenue streams for the stadium.

They will also have their work cut out convincing fans that this is the best move for the club because the supporters have expressed no desire to move away from current home ground Upton Park.

There may also be further legal hurdles to overcome with a number of local East London based football clubs who could suffer as a result of West Ham moving into the Olympic Stadium.