London 2012 mania has hardly even begun to subside and its nearly time for our second dose of Team GB fever. The Paralympic Games start tomorrow with the opening ceremony and are set to become the biggest and best Paralympic event of all time.

Many commentators were, prompted by the return of the Premier League betting that the London 2012 spirit would have dissipated considerably by the time the Paralympics rolled around and that the world’s sporting attention would be elsewhere.

But that doesn’t appear to be the case, at least not if ticket sales are anything to go by. The London 2012 games are set to become the first sold-out event in the 52-year history of Paralympic Games.

Paralympic organisers are philosophical about the reasons behind the boom in their ticket sales and are more than happy to at least start their event in the reflected glory of the Olympic Games if that brings more people to see their sports.

Jane Jones, of the British Paralympic Association, says the chance to experience the venues or the scarcity of Olympics tickets might have convinced more people to give the Paralympics a go. The BBC reports:

“People may come because they just want to go to the venues,” she says.

“They may come because they missed out on getting tickets to the Olympics.”

She also notes that people may go along because it is actually cheaper to go to the Paralympics.

“All those [reasons] are fine by me as long they leave having understood and appreciated the quality of the sport that they will see,” she says.

“And I remain confident that they will.”

But once people are in the venues and experiencing the atmosphere, Jones is confident of giving the crowds a sporting experience that will impress them. She revealed that the Olympic Games were cheekily referred to as “the test event” in her office!