Competitors at London 2012 might be tempted to follow in the footsteps of footballer Nicklas Bendtner and get drawn into ambush marketing during their events. After the Denmark striker used a Euro 2012 match to display pants sponsored by Paddy Power Olympic betting experts are putting their money on a similar stunt taking place at the Olympics.

A legal expert working with the London organisers has warned the financial rewards of an ambush marketing will be tempting to all sorts of brands.

Arthur Artinian, a lawyer at Freshfields, Bruckhaus Deringer, told Reuters: “It’s no longer just sport clothing companies or other industries that you might expect to have interest in, or engagement with, the Games.

“It’s really now everybody. The sponsorship stakes are higher.”

And if Premier League footballers can be swayed by the money on offer for taking part in such stunts, it is difficult to imagine that the deals on offer might be even more attractive to considerably less well paid at the Olympics.

The IOC is already attempting to discourage anyone who might be considering taking an ambush marketing payday. And it’s not just in the stadiums and venues that they fear damage could be done. They are already warning athletes against online sponsorship deals.

The IOC said: “Participants and other accredited persons are not permitted to promote any brand, product or service within a posting, blog or tweet or otherwise on any social media platforms or on any websites.”