London 2012 VIPs will be able to zip around the city in special “Zil” road lanes while ticket holders crawl to venues using public transport.

Athletes, media representatives, officials and other VIPs using official vehicles will be able to travel from Olympic Park into central London in just 30 minutes. Ticket holders and commuters have been told to expect the same journey to take two-and-a-half hours by public transport during the Games.

It is a similar story for trips between other venues and key destinations, with VIPs able to freely move around in minutes while everyone else trawls around with journey times that will be around five times as long.

While some have claimed that the mammoth journey times being talked about are a pre-emptive attempt to avoid criticism from people who do encounter travel problems next year.

Organisers have faced criticism over the 106-mile Olympic Route Network and its impact on ordinary Londoners. But it was deemed necessary to build into the arrangements for travel insurance that the major players in the Games will not face embarrassing delays in reaching their destinations.