Photo: Ben Sutherland

With the London 2012 Olympic Games less than a year away, the fight for accommodation in the capital has well and truly begun.

Those lucky enough to get tickets and even those hoping to be in the capital to soak up some of the atmosphere are finding prices are beginning to creep up significantly.

Budget hotel chain Holiday Inn is the official provider for Olympic accommodation, but even the lower price hotels are able to charge significantly more than usual if they are close to the venues or the city.

Most hoteliers have doubled their standard rate. Holiday Inn, for example, is already charging up to £315 per night, even with 11 months to go before the event begins. The prices are undoubtedly going to rise as the event nears, and with 350,000 overseas visitors expected to descend upon the capital every day during the Games.

The rise in hotel prices has seen an increase in more imaginative approaches to accommodations. Many Londoners have spotted the potential to generate their own tidy profit by letting out apartments, or even rooms in their property, during the Olympics in the hope of attracting travellers on a tighter budget.

The trend has been boosted by the introduction of websites that make it easy for people to rent out their accommodation, offering a wide variety of cheap accommodation.

Their site currently lists more than 10,000 accommodation options in over 150 cities, whether it be a private room or an entire house or apartment. The company has already seen a steady increase of both property listings and booking for London. That is expected to continue as more people try to finalise their accommodation arrangements for the Games.

Borrowing someone’s room for a few weeks is by no means the most unusual accommodation option we’ve seen so far. That honour currently goes to camping on Sally Gunnell’s farm. And we dare say they will be a few more tales of unusual sleeping arrangements between now and next summer.