A looter who took part in the Manchester riots claimed in court that he was a contender for the GB judo team for London 2012 in a bid to avoid prison – but was jailed for eight months regardless.

Anthony Lloyd, who was caught with jewellery and cigarettes, could now be back in court to face a perjury accusations after the British Judo Associations dismissed suggestions made in court that he was on the verge of making their Olympic squad.

A spokesman said: “Mr Lloyd has never represented us at any level and it’s wrong for anyone to describe him as an Olympic hopeful.

“He represents a club but has never been in any GB trials or anywhere near any of our squads.”

Lloyd had convinced his legal team that he was a talented judo star, despite only being a member of a local club.

His lawyer Estelle Parkhouse told the court: “‘A custodial sentence would impair his prospects with the squad and being part of the Olympics.’

The Daily Mail reported:

During the case Lloyd’s lawyer Estelle Parkhouse said Lloyd was part of the British Judo team and was returning from training that Tuesday night when he heard about the disorder and ventured into the city centre.

She said he took jewellery that he had seen on the street and knew it had been stolen. She said it was his intention to give it to his girlfriend.

The attempt at avoiding a custodial sentence failed and Lloyd could now face a longer sentence if he is the case is re-examined.