The London Olympics are rapidly nearing and excitement is growing. It is not only the athletes who are in training for the events, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are undertaking their own preparation. However, theirs is slightly less athletic and slightly more geared towards a comedy audience.

These well-loved comedy actresses have reunited to film three more scenes of their hit show Absolutely Fabulous in honour of the Olympics. Watching countless athletes competing in races and competitions can be really tiring. You may have been planning to relax by watching a film or playing Partypoker, but now you have another option. The new episodes of this show will provide great light relief from the stressful task we all face during the 2012 Olympics.

Fans will welcome the much-loved characters of PR guru Edina Monsoon and magazine editor with a cigarette in her hand, Patsy Stone. The new episodes are said to be really exciting, with them taking into account current events and updating their image. The first instalment will find one of the characters in the middle of a life-changing experience, and the last will be based around the London Olympics.

This is also a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the show and is set to include all of the original cast members. Filmed in rainy West London, the actors are delighted to be able to slip back into their well-known roles and create new adventures. It will certainly be interesting to see what situations they will get themselves into this time.

Expect surprising guests and old favourites, great comedy and exciting story lines. The new episodes of Absolutely Fabulous are set to be a real treat for their loyal fans, as well as the new ones that it is sure to get on side.