Our rundown of some of the personalities who have gone public with their London 2012 ticket fate.

On track

“Whoops. £3K has been taken out of my account for Olympics tickets. Bloody hell. Thought they were meant to be hard to get. That backfired.”
Radio Five Live presenter Richard Bacon

“Mum had the money taken from the bank for the Olympic tickets! But only 1/4 of what she wanted! I hope my family get tickets to watch me!!!!”
Diving medal hopeful Tom Daley

Fell at the first hurdle

“I am personally disappointed not to have got any tickets but I shall try again. Clearly it’s been a massively popular thing and there’s no surprise the event has attracted so much demand for tickets but I’m massively disappointed and cheesed off.”
Mayor of London Boris Johnson

“Sorry kids, going to have to watch dad on the telly.”
Cycling gold medalist Bradley Wiggins

“Same here, nada”
Olympic cycling legend Chris Boardman

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