1. Mark Spitz
This undoubted daddy of Olympian facial hair. Spitz’s iconic ‘tache is recognisable around the world, and even starred on the front cover of Time magazine.

2. Daley Thompson
A truly great effort from Daley. Another of the Olympics’ most enduring moustaches. What price his namesake Tom Daley being able to grow a handlebar in time for London 2012?

3. Michael Phelps
Phelps evoked the Spirit of Spitz when he arrived in Beijing sporting this tremendous handlebar moustache. Alas, he shaved it off before the competition started in earnest, but we’re sneaking him into this list regardless.

4. Steve Prefontaine
Pre’s status as the James Dean of track and field, having died in a car crash at the age of 24, has made him some what of a legend. But his facial hair was legendary in its own right. It is pictured above looking rather splendid at Munich 1972.

5. David Wilkie
The Scottish swimmer – a gold medal winner in Montreal in 1976 – pioneered the swimming cap and goggles to make him more streamlined in the water. But he didn’t mind a bit of lag from his top lip. And he didn’t mind hideous trunks either.

If you’ve got a favourite Olympic moustache that we didn’t mention, let us know and we might revisit the subject at some point.